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Business Travelers Prefer Uber over Rental Cars

According to, Uber accounted for forty-three percent of ground transportation transactions expensed through Certify in early 2016, whereas rental cars accounted for forty percent. Many more professionals are preferring to use Uber or Lyft as opposed to rental cars and taxis.

With the cost of riding an Uber or Lyft Inc. costing much less than the average rental car booking, along with the convenience factor of paying and hailing a ride efficiently, the car-rental industry is definitely impacted. Robert Neveu, President of Certify, says “the convenience factor is huge, and we’re seeing it change the habits and behaviors of our users.”

Despite car rental companies seeing a decrease in demand, others are searching for different ways to offer more than just daily rentals for travelers. Enterprise Holdings Inc. debuted its new Carshare program offering hourly rentals shortly after Avis acquired Zipcar in 2013. Hertz Global Holdings Inc. recently decided to invest in Luxe Valet Inc., a San Francisco start-up that provides on-demand parking services through a mobile app.

According to, “General Motors Co. said in January it would invest $500 million in Lyft, the second-biggest U.S. car-booking company. As part of their partnership, GM and Lyft are developing short-term car-rental hubs in some U.S. cities.” This way, some automakers are able to showcase their vehicles to prospective customers, while travelers can benefit from short rentals and hopefully diverge from the Uber competition.

Is it Better to Buy or Lease a Car?

Many people are faced with the decision of whether to buy a car or lease it for a few years. Both options have its benefits and drawbacks.

Buying a car can either mean purchasing new or used, and if purchasing new, it may require taking out a car loan. Having a good credit score is crucial, so if yours is less-than-perfect, you may want to consider waiting until you can raise your score or searching for a used car with a similar payment.
With purchasing a used car, you never know if it’s going to require more maintenance than expected, which can be costly and time-consuming. However, Hondas and Toyotas are just a couple of the most reliable and fuel-efficient cars on the market, in which case buying used can save you a lot of money in the long-run.

Leasing a car can get expensive if you go over the mileage limit and have to pay per mile before the lease is up, which can add up quickly. Additionally, U.S. News says that “at the end of the lease, you will have no equity in the car, and no value to apply as a down payment on your next car. If you like the car and want to buy it, you’ll have to take out a loan, and that loan will incur a higher interest rate, since you will be financing a used car.” Furthermore, leasing a car also requires having a good credit score. Another drawback is that at the end of your lease, you will have zero equity in the car, which means no value to use as a down payment on your next car. If you decide to keep the car, the loan you take out will incur a higher interest rate, because you will have to finance a used car.

Leasing can be ideal for buyers who desire a nicer, more expensive car they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. Also, buyers have the benefit of knowing they can lease a new car every few years and be up to date with the latest technology and safety features. With leasing, there’s also no hassle of selling the car or getting a good trade-in price, you simply just return the car back to the dealership.
Ultimately, your lifestyle, credit history, mileage, and convenience are all important factors that can determine whether buying or leasing is the best choice for you.

2017 Honda Civic Sedan

The newly shaped Honda civic sedan is available at an affordable rate of $18,640 and the LED lighting gives it a show-stopping look. It is available in many different colors and the individuals who have decided to purchase it can select the color suiting their personality. It comes with the feature of Remote Engine Start which enables the owner to start the vehicle from a distance and without grabbing the key out of their pocket. Heated Front Seats and the Heated Rear Seats make traveling comfortable and easy for those who have to travel often in the winter season. The manufacturers made safety a priority when they installed the systems in the vehicle, which include:

Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®) with Traction Control
Tire Pressure Monitoring System
LED Daytime Running Lights
Multi-Angle Rearview Camera
Forward Collision Warning
Lane Departure Warning
Collision Mitigation Braking System™
Road Departure Mitigation System
The Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™)
Electric Parking Brake
Eco Assist™ System
Brake Assist
Anti-Lock Braking System
Lane Keeping Assist System
Honda Lane Watch

With the help of Smart Entry, the door and trunk of the vehicle can be unlocked without using the key. The fog lights not only look great, but work well in foggy weather and serves great in keeping the riders safe who are travelling in severe weather condition. Through the Bluetooth, the phone book access is easy and the person can communicate with hands free while driving attentively.

Overall, as the Honda Civic is one of the best-selling cars in history, Honda’s new design of this compact sedan is no other than spectacular. Aside from its fresh, sporty look, riders can enjoy the car’s spaciousness, high-technology safety systems, and the latest entertainment features at an affordable price.

2017 Toyota RAV4

No other car can be compared with the luxury offered by RAV4 at an affordable price of just $24,910. Driving at night time is made easy through the integrated fog lights and LED lighting that is installed. There are 3 models of RAV4 available in different colors, giving a wide choice to select from according to personality. No matter what color you choose, the S-Code paint treatment complements the style and design of the car. The environment inside the car can be easily adjusted according to the demand of the riders; the car contains dual zone automatic climate control system and the driver along with the front-seat passenger can enjoy heated seats. The car comes with SofTex®-trimmed front seats, which makes for comfortable riding. The owner of the car gets the flexible cargo area as the car is designed with folding 60/40 split , so the cargo area is spacious which helps in carrying large items. Illuminated SE gauge cluster not only makes focusing on the road easy as a person can get the idea with just a glance due to the red needles and red gauge cluster illumination, but also makes the design of the car attractive.

The RAV4 Hybrid’s energy monitor assists in keeping check on the operation of the gas engine and electric motor by providing real-time information. The car contains the innovative feature integrated HomeLink® by which the car owner can control the garage door, front gate and home security system when sitting inside the car. For enjoying the weather, riders can take advantage of the moon roof feature available in the car. The Smart Key System is one of the best features which are installed in the car as it helps in starting the engine, unlocking the doors and opening the trunk without a key. The Bird’s Eye View Camera assists in seeing the objects near the car, it also helps in getting in and out of small spaces easily. The standard backup camera shows the real-time view of the back of the motor vehicle which helps in reversing. Siri® Eyes Free is installed to keep the driver focused on the road as it assists in connecting the voice recognition technology of the paired iPhone. SiriusXM®Satellite Radio helps in knowing the traffic flow and weather information. For clear audio and enjoying music while traveling, the car contains Entune™ Premium Audio with Integrated Navigation and JBL® GreenEdge™ speakers.

The manufacturers made safety their priority when they installed the following safety features in the car aside from the 8 airbags to keep the passengers safe in case of an accident.

Toyota Safety Sense
Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection
Lane Departure Alert Steering Assist
Auto High Beams
Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Sporty car lovers can choose from an array of models such as the LE which contains 17-inch steel wheels; the XLE Hybrid which comes with 17-inch alloy wheels, and the SE which contains 18-inch alloy wheels.If you’re looking for a hybrid model, a spacious interior, and updated electronic safety systems, look no further than the 2016 Toyota RAV4.

2017 Chevrolet Malibu

This stylish and show-stopping car with the latest technologies is available at the rate of $31,915 and cannot be compared to any other car of its kind. This car is available in multiple eye-catching colors that will suit the owner’s personality. It is designed with exceptional efficiency and safety measures which is enough to impress the car lovers. The LED daytime running lamps and LED tail-lamps installed in the vehicle not only makes traveling safe at any time of the day, but gives an outstanding look to the exterior. The car comes with 10 airbags in different locations which provide protection in the case of an accident, assisting in avoiding serious injuries. A great thing about the vehicle is that the system is well managed and connected with other systems; when the air bags are deployed, the sensors alert the OnStar Advisor to check if assistance is required. The built-in USB ports helps in connecting electronic devices and the wireless charging feature helps in charging a Smartphone at anytime.

The 2016 Chevrolet Malibu is not just a luxury car which makes for a comfortable journey, it is also great in enabling parents to check on their children while they are driving without their parents being present. This feature is made possible by installing the My-Link display and Teen Driver technology for which parents just need to insert a PIN in My-Link display and they can check multiple things through Teen Driver technology. Parents are able to mute the car’s music until the front-seatbelts are fastened. The system alerts the parent when:The vehicle is going at high rate of speed, which emits a sound when exceeded When the riders are not wearing their safety belts When the driver has braked hard And whenThe safety features such as Forward Collision Alert or Front Automatic Braking were activated by the sensors in the vehicle Apple CarPlay enables riders to use an iPhone for communicating while driving and in getting directions when needed. The other systems and technology in the car includes:

Adaptive Cruise control which helps the driver in adjusting the speed while maintaining distance from the vehicle moving ahead.
Front Parking assist which assists in safely parking the car

Front pedestrian braking, in which the brakes are automatically applied if there is any pedestrian in front of the car to avoid an accident.
Lane Keep assist which assists the driver in staying in the lane and alerts with a sound when the car is leaving the lane. With the help of OnStar Remote Link mobile app, the owner of the vehicle can control various features of the car including starting the vehicle without the key, using available OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection, locking/unlocking the doors,and sending directions to the vehicle with available OnStar navigation.

When it comes to the Chevrolet Malibu, the owner has total control of the latest installed technologies for both safety and pleasure. A ride in this car guarantees the utmost safety, spaciousness, and comfort.

2017 Lexus GS-F

This luxury car is perfect for car lovers, as it is equipped with the latest technologies and innovative systems, available in various attractive colors. Triple-beam LED headlights not only light the way, but also give a distinctive look to the vehicle.

The 17-speaker, Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound Audio System offers clear sound when hearing music or watching a movie on the entertainment system installed in the vehicle. BLUETOOTH® technology assists in accessing the songs in the iPhone and streaming audio from the internet. The buttons of the remote touch are fitted centrally which can be controlled by the driver and the front seat passenger. They can also operate the features by viewing the menu on the display screen. The car comes with full-color LCD multi-information display which is within the gauge cluster and enables the driver to see the performance data with just a glance.

Lexus Enform Destinations features help the driver know the locations and help is given by the live response center agent. Lexus Enform App Suite makes many tasks easier, like reserving a table and booking tickets for a concert as the driver can access the mobile applications with the help of center-console display. With the help of Lexus Enform Service Connect, the owner of the car has access to details related to the car’s status and maintenance requirement making it easy for the owner to take care of the car. The best thing about the Lexus Enform Remote mobile app is that the engine start and locking/unlocking the door of the vehicle can be done through the app. The light installed in the side-view mirrors turn on as the car senses the approach of the owner with the remote.

Pre-collision system with pedestrian detection is great in helping the driver as it alerts when there is a possibility of colliding with the vehicle moving ahead and the brakes are applied automatically if there is a chance of hitting a pedestrian. Airbags are installed in different locations which are deployed when the car senses a crash, keeping the passengers safe from severe injuries. Lane keep assist helps the driver in driving in one lane, and it alerts with the installed sound when the car is going to leave the lane. Lane departure assist gives signals to the driver when there is no car behind at a specific distance and it is safe to change the lane. Intuitive parking assist system helps in parking the car without hitting any object to avoid damage to the car. The brake systems which are installed for the protection of the passengers and to avoid involvement in an accident include:

Four-channel Anti-lock Braking System
Electronic Brake force Distribution
Brake Assist

Overall, the 2017 Lexus GS F is great for anyone searching for a luxury sports car that reaches Lexus’ quality standards of performance. Its engine efficiency, Sport and Sport plus mode, and leather sports seats are just a few specifications that set this car apart from other Lexus models.