2017 Acura MDX

Acura MDX full view

The Acura MDX comes with a large cargo area which up to 7 individuals can comfortably enjoy the journey in the vehicle. The Jewel Eye LED Headlights of the car not only assists in lighting the road, but also adds to the style of the vehicle, giving it an amazing and distinctive look.



Acura MDX back view

The car contains a security system which in the case of a break-in, the ignition is disabled and the owner is alerted through sound and flashing lights. The location at which the car is present can also be detected through the owner’s cellular device. The car contains multiple warning systems to help the driver in avoiding an accident and keeping both the car and passengers safe. These systems and features include:

  • Rear entertainment system: There is a 9-inch screen installed in the vehicle which makes every ride enjoyable as riders can hear a clear sound with the help of 2 ceiling-mounted speakers.
  • Music voice commands give the driver full control over streaming music from a USB7-connected iPod®.
  • AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic helps the driver take the route with less number of vehicles as it provides updated traffic information.
  • Airbags: The car is equipped with 2 front airbags, 2 airbags fitted on the sides, and there is also a driver’s knee airbag that keeps the driver and the front seat passenger safe in the case of an accident.
  • Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure Isaspecific material which the car is equipped with that increases the rider’s safety and crash compatibility in frontal accidents.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System senses the inflated tires and alerts the driver if the pressure in any of the tires is low
  • Collision Mitigation Braking System™ alerts the driver if there is a possibility of colliding with the vehicle ahead, as the driver is given signals through the sound installed and a view shown by the forward camera. And finally,
  • Blind Spot Information System helps in safe lane change



Acura MDX dashboard

AcuraWatch Plus installed in the vehicle helps in staying in the lane and avoiding a collision as Lane Keeping Assist identifies lane markers and alerts the driver when the vehicle is going to leave the lane. Road Departure Mitigation System identifies objects near the vehicle, so that the driver can avoid a collision and damage to the vehicle. The parking sensors in the front and rear assist in parking and reversing the car safely. The key remote helps in unlocking and starting the engine without a key.



When it comes to three-row luxury crossovers, search no further than the Acura MDX as it ranks high in comfort, safety, and value. The car’s speedy acceleration, all-wheel drive system, and excellent handling ensure that it is a great car not only for daily use, but for traveling in all weather conditions.


2017 Lexus GS F

Lexus GS F side view

This luxury car is perfect for car lovers, as it is equipped with the latest technologies and innovative systems, available in various attractive colors. Triple-beam LED headlights not only light the way, but also give a distinctive look to the vehicle.



Lexus GS F front seats

Multi-information display enables the driver to see the performance data with just a glance. Lexus Enform Destinations features help the driver know the locations and help is given by the live response center agent. Lexus Enform App Suite makes many tasks easier, like reserving a table and booking tickets for a concert as the driver can access the mobile applications with the help of center-console display. With the help of Lexus Enform Service Connect, the owner of the car has access to details related to the car’s status and maintenance requirement making it easy for the owner to take care of the car. The best thing about the Lexus Enform Remote mobile app is that the engine start and locking/unlocking the door of the vehicle can be done through the app. The light installed in the side-view mirrors turn on as the car senses the approach of the owner with the remote.



Lexus GS F Dashboard

Pre-collision system with pedestrian detection is great in helping the driver as it alerts when there is a possibility of colliding with the vehicle moving ahead and the brakes are applied automatically if there is a chance of hitting a pedestrian. Airbags are installed in different locations which are deployed when the car senses a crash, keeping the passengers safe from severe injuries. Lane keep assist helps the driver in driving in one lane, and it alerts with the installed sound when the car is going to leave the lane. Lane departure assist gives signals to the driver when there is no car behind at a specific distance and it is safe to change the lane. Intuitive parking assist system helps in parking the car without hitting any object to avoid damage to the car. The brake systems which are installed for the protection of the passengers and to avoid involvement in an accident include:

  • Four-channel Anti-lock Braking System
  • Electronic Brake force Distribution
  • Brake Assist


Audio System

The 17-speaker, Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound Audio System offers clear sound when hearing music or watching a movie on the entertainment system installed in the vehicle. BLUETOOTH® technology assists in accessing the songs in the iPhone and streaming audio from the internet.



Overall, the 2016 Lexus GS F is great for anyone searching for a luxury sports car that reaches Lexus’ quality standards of performance. Its engine efficiency, Sport and Sport plus mode, and leather sports seats are just a few specifications that set this car apart from other Lexus models.



2017 Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser full view

No other SUV can beat the 2016 Land Cruiser in style and have innovative features available at affordable rate of just $83.825. Great for the adventure lovers, it is built with high-tensile steel ladder frame for enhanced durability.

The front end of the car is newly designed to complement its style and the new chrome grille added into the LED headlights provides both the low and high beams according to the requirement. Integrated LED fog light installed in the SUV makes traveling an easy task in extreme weather conditions. Up to 8 individuals can ride in the SUV comfortably and the model is perfect for traveling as the seats are comfortable to enjoy the ride.


Advanced Technology and Features

Toyota Land Cruiser dashboard

When it comes to the installation of advanced technology in the car, the 2016 Land cruiser is second to none as the leather-trimmed steering wheel not only controls the car, but also assists in operating the audio system and Multi-Information Display. The 4.2-inch LED is not only for the front seat riders; the back seat riders have the option of enjoying the ride with 11.6-inch screens that are installed behind the seats of the driver and front passenger. The driver has full access to Bluetooth wireless technology right from the steering wheel. The dashboard design is altered from the previous model and it contains high-resolution touch screen display. The Land Cruiser’s Multi-terrain Monitor assists the driver in checking the surroundings for potential danger and its Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System eases driving on an uneven road by adjusting the suspension system for better wheel articulation. The SUV is equipped with hill descent control and an innovative Multi-terrain system that assists in controlling wheel spin for better driving performance over off-road surfaces. For making the travel experience pleasurable, the car is equipped with a 14-speaker JBL Synthesis audio system which contains an 8-inch subwoofer and a 605-watt amplifier that delivers a clear, crisp sound. The 2016 Land cruiser ranks highest in terms of its rpm range as the technologies like Dual Independent Variable Valve Timing with intelligence and an Acoustic Control Induction System (ACIS) that assist in maximizing the useable power.



Safety features include Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection which assists in avoiding an unforeseen collision, Lane Departure Alert which assists in staying in the lane, and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control which assists in maintaining distance from other cars. The car is equipped with 10 airbags, Blind Spot Monitor which assists in safe lane change, and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert which helps in reversing the SUV.



Toyota Land Cruiser back seats

When driving in cold weather, the multi-stage heated and ventilated front seats provide comfort by keeping riders warm in both front and second-row seats. Four-zone automatic climate control assist the travelers in controlling their own environment as there are 28 vents located all over the cabin. For carrying long items or a large amount of luggage, the car offers spacious room when the second or third row of seats are folded. The car also comes with a center console cooler box which eliminates the need of carrying an ice chest.



Overall, the 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser offers more than just a great car to drive in, as traveling long distance is made easy due to its added comfort, durable design, and safety features.