Lexus 200h CT

The 2016 Lexus 200h CT is the most fuel-efficient gas powered luxury car that offers a sturdy handling, F-sport styling, and eco-friendly interior with NuLuxe trim and bamboo accents.

No other car enthusiast can resist this technology loaded luxury hybrid car in multiple colors and in a show-stopping design, available at the affordable rate of $31,250. The leather trimmed heated front seats and the climate control system make each long journey comfortable in every season. The moon roof feature gives a great opportunity to enjoy the weather when it is great. The vehicle comes with a removable cargo area cover that assists in keeping luggage safely hidden and the space is enough to store luggage for a long journey. The 10-speaker sound system is perfect for providing clear sound for enjoying movies or music from the HD radio while travelling. The addition of the Electro chromic mirrors adds to the style of the car and it decreases the glare coming from behind the vehicle.
Lexus Enform Remote assists in operating many features of the car such as unlocking the vehicle without the key with just a touch of the remote. The Home link system is great in operating the home door and the garage. The home security system can also be operated through it even when the owner is not at home. The voice command system keeps the driver focused on the road. There are multiple driving modes from which the driver can choose and enjoy the ride. Pre-collision system alerts the driver when there is a chance of any frontal collision. The pedestrian system detects the walking person and avoids an accident through the brakes. There are multiple braking systems that help in avoiding accidents. Four-wheel disc brakes and the Brake Assist system contain sensors that work well if there is a possibility of collision.

Four-sensor and the Electronic Brake force Distribution assists in enhancing the control when the driver applies the brakes. Rain sensing wipers turn on automatically when the rain starts and the speed of the wipers is adjusted according to the volume of the rain. When the driver is going to park the car or reverse it; the intuitive parking assist keeps the driver from hitting any object. 8 airbags are present in the car which are deployed if the car collides with any car or object. The tire pressure is checked by the system in the car and the driver is alerted if the pressure is less in any of the 4 tires. There are many cameras for the assistance of the driver, which is required for avoiding an accident.

If you’re looking for a hybrid car that is eco-conscious even in the interior, makes safety their number one priority, and has a sports-luxe style, the 2016 Lexus 200h CT is for you.